Goodbye to XCO, but not to racing

The future of José A. Hermida for next year has been one of the hot topics of this 2016. After 20 years as a professional racer, the 2010 World Champion has decided to end up with his career at the highest level at the age of 38 , still as a rider able to race among the best in the world in any competition in which he takes part.
"I am very happy and proud of what I have achieved during these two decades of competing worldwide. I have been growing year after year and I managed to settle down in the world elite for most of my career. I have won World Cup races, continental titles, national championships, an Olympic medal and I could achieve my dream of becoming World Champion. But the years go by and one has to be able to understand when to change his playing field. Nothing lasts forever", comments the man who has been the reference in the Spanish mountain bike scene.
Still, the Multivan-Merida rider will not leave competition apart: "I quit the XCO racing but I think I'm still competitive to fight in stage and marathon races. I simply have to adapt to new realities and recycle myself as a rider to remain competitive. We must be flexible and understand that all time gets to an end it is just about finding new goals to continue motivated in what is my way of understanding life. I'm ready, prepared and, most important, very excited about this new stage".
José travels to China on Thursday to participate in the HuangShan 2016 Merida Bike Festival held in the HuangShan district, where he will meet with some key people of Merida, the brand that he has defended for the past 13 years consecutively. The details of this new stage for the Catalan rider will be concreted there.

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