21st in the World Cup held in Albstadt (GER)

Hermida has raced today in the second World Cup of the year in the German town of Albstadt. The Multivan-Merida rider travelled to the race after a good result at the European Championships, where he was 13th, and sought to continue in the same positive line.

The race has left the Catalan rider a good taste: "I am happy. It was essential to continue with positive dynamics. A 21st position may not seem a result to be very optimistic, but I am satisfied on how the race went and how my body worked. All riders go very fast but irregularity in the results is very common this season and my goal is to achieve consistent results".

Regarding how his race unfolded, José, who started in third line in the grid, explains that "it was a very complicated start. I felt strong and fast, but could not pass riders and get to the leading group, which was literally flying. It is true that in the first two laps I was a little bit cautious, checking if I was suffering any problems with asthma, but nothing happened and I could leave those doubts aside".

There is no time to think much about today's race, as José has to prepare for the next World Cup, which takes place next week in La Bresse (France), in a course "in which I think I can get a better result, as it will be more demanding than today".

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